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Dama Bier - New Flowers Series

“New Flowers Series” was a special project of Dama Bier from 2018. All the labels were designed by Lygia Pires and Caio Stolf.

“Dama” means “Lady” in English. The majority their products are inspired by women. According to the brand, this especial edition was inspired by flowers because they are symbol of feminine beauty. Flowers and beers have many details in common: they seduce us with their perfume, beauty and variety of colors. Both can decorate, can be given as gifts and even be used in cooking.

Two beers from this series were awarded in 2018. Dedaleiro (the green one) received the “World Beer Awards - Brazil Winner” and “The international Beer Challenge - Bronze”. Eritrina (the red one) also received the “World Beer Awards - Brazil Winner”.

- Label Design Project: Lygia Pires
- Illustrations: Caio Stolf
- Main typeface used: Encorpada by Dootype


New Flowers Series #1 - Íris
(Dama Bier + Dogma Brewery)


New Flowers Series #2 - Dedaleiro


New Flowers Series #3 - Eritrina


New Flowers Series #4 - Jasmim


New Flowers Series #5 - Rosa

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