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Tupigrafia is a Brazilian print magazine founded by Claudio Rocha and Tony de Marco in 2000, being the only publication dedicated exclusively to typography and calligraphy in the country.

I was one of the lettering artist and calligraphers invited to create 6 uniques handmade artworks for some special editions of Tupigrafia 12, released at the end of 2018, using as a background some Cláudio Rocha’s letterpress monotypes printed at Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo.
Tupigrafia 12 received 3 awards: “Brasil Design Award”, “Prêmio Brasileiro de Excelência Gráfica Pini” and “Top Award Fedrigoni”.

And my exclusive artworks there were in 6 books of the special editions were shortlisted at Communication Arts Typography in 2020.

Thank you!

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