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You are not alone

In 2018, I was invited to create an autoral artwork for an exhibition of the Public Ministry of São Paulo. Each work represented an emblematic case that demonstrates the partnership between the Public Ministry and the population. The exhibition took place at the Júlio Prestes Station in São Paulo. After this first edition, the exhibition visited several cities in the state of São Paulo, such as Sorocada, Ribeirão Preto and Santos, between 2018 and 2019.

My artwork was about the “Guardian Maria da Penha” Program and it aims to alert and make the viewer aware of domestic violence both physically and psychologically. It also shows victims that they are not alone and that they can and should ask for help, in addition to denouncing their aggressors.
This is a handmade painting and I worked with watercolor, colored pencils and pen

The Guardian Maria da Penha Program of the Municipal Secretariat for Urban Security is a partnership between the Secretariat and the Special Action Group to Combat Domestic Violence, the Public Ministry and the Coordinator of Policies for Women of the Municipal Secretariat for Human Rights.

Phrase in the artwork in English: "You are not alone".

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